Private investor has a great Lease Option Program with easy terms, so you can have the pride of home ownership again!

If you've had a foreclosure or short-sale this may be the solution you've been hoping for - a second chance at home ownership!

Our Lease Option Program is designed to provide hardworking, good people, who can make their house payments, but can't qualify for a loan right now, a home of their own.

We're asked all the time by people who have decent credit, but who still can't get a loan, if they can apply for our program, and the answer is yes!

If the banks won't qualify you for a home loan because you're self-employed or your credit has seen better days - this program is for you too!

The basics for approval in our program are:

1) You must be able to make your monthly house payments - every month, on time.

2) You will need minimally a 5% down as an option payment.

3) You must actively work on repairing your credit, so that when you are eligible for a bank loan you will qualify.

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